Living In America


It was the end of 2013 when I decided that I needed to move to the US to chase my dream of becoming a professional racing car driver.
I had travelled around America in late 2012 with a very good friend of mine who at the time was spotting for Andretti Autosport IndyCar team and coaching for a Pro Mazda team in the Road to Indy. It really opened my eyes to how everything really is on just a bigger scale over here.
I was impressed by the Mazda Road to Indy, as well as the huge fields in Sportscar racing (at the time Grand Am). Being in the paddock of these events was just fueling the fire for my desire to get over here and start making it happen.
Early to mid 2014 was when I took the big step and packed all my suitcases, said good bye to my family and my dog, and made my move over to America, Las Vegas to be precise.
It’s interesting, in America, how some things are very similar to Australia, and some things are just completely different. It was certainly a culture shock before; but with friends living in the States the learning curve was definitely flattened out for me.
The first, biggest and most important step was communication… We talk too fast!!!
When I first went there, most people didn’t understand me or what I was trying to say. As Australians, we don’t pronounce a lot of letters the same which makes some words sound very different.
The next big thing is food: I honestly prefer Aussie food so much more. I am not sure if it is because I grew up in Australia and I am biased - but our food seems to taste so much better and feel a lot cleaner in your stomach after eating.
When I go back to Australia during Xmas, to me, even McDonalds nearly feels like a low end restaurant compared to the American McDonalds! The thing I found interesting in the beginning was not only how many chains there are (chains are restaurants with many franchises all over the country, for example: Subway) - one of the biggest shocks to me was there is literally a chain on every corner or street!! They are in your face, everywhere. It’s quite amazing.
I am starting to get used to all the different chains, and what kind of food they have, which ones I like and which ones seem like they have the healthiest selection of food.
The other thing is, KFC, without any disrespect, has absolutely nothing on Australia’s KFC. It’s a totally different menu in the US and the taste certainly isn’t as good as the Aussie KFC…. not that I eat a lot of fast food like that - but it’s just so interesting to find the different cultures. And big chains like that make an easy example.
It’s been over a year since I’ve moved to Vegas and a lot of water has passed under the bridge.
I am feeling comfortable now living over here in the US and have made some really great friends.
I can certainly see a future here and I absolutely appreciate all the support I am receiving from back home!!
- Scott