Vegas Living

Why Las Vegas?
Well, mainly because of the work opportunities that presented themselves at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS)- but who doesn’t want to say they live in Vegas!? Sounds pretty cool to me….
Vegas is a funny little place. The state of Nevada is basically just a big desert. There is no humidity, you can count the days it rains per year on your fingers and it is HOT!
I am writing this in the month of June; but already (and for probably over a month now) it is well into and over 100f degrees. I think yesterday was 114F.. that’s 46c degrees!!! And not only does it peak at that during the day - by about 10am it’s already over 100f, which is about 38c! You cannot escape from the heat anywhere.
What makes it durable though is that it is dry heat; meaning there is no humidity. I actually don’t mind it. It was certainly hot, though, sitting in a 130f degrees race car while I was doing hot laps at the LVMS infield track with no air conditioning, wearing a racing suit, basically sweating away a weeks worth of water!
Most people don’t realize that Vegas actually has normal houses & suburbs, just like most other cities in the world.
When most arrive in Vegas, they get driven to their hotel on the strip, and live on the strip for the ~4 nights they stay then leave. Where I am in the city called North Las Vegas it is about a 15 minute drive down the highway away from the strip, so it is quite different to what most people think when you say “I live in Vegas”.
The main strip in Vegas, Las Vegas Blvd, is quite extraordinary. I have not really seen anything like it in the world. You could probably live your whole life on the strip and never need to leave this 3 mile piece of road. There is just about anything and everything you could ever think of, or need, on the strip. It really is quite amazing.
Vegas is a cool part of the world, and every time you drive past the strip you think in your head “this is my backyard. This is where millions and millions of people come to have the most crazy weekend of their lives, and this is my backyard!” but I have found it does not quite meet my needs as an aspiring racing driver. I am not particularly about the party life.
It’s been over a year here and it is time for me to start a new chapter.
I have plans & aspirations to move to the North East of America. As much as I will hate the winter, cold weather & unpredictable weather up there I believe there is more opportunities for me to achieve my dream"
- Scott